"DOTTIE" Sculpture (December 2015 In Progress)
December 10-18, 2015
Performative Sculpture

Under the direction of the Chaffin Carousel Carving School in Birmingham, Alabama, I produced a full-size wooden carousel mount in the likeness of Dottie, a nine-year-old RealDoll originally owned by a Disneyworld Imagineer and “doll husband” known on Our Doll Community (ODC) as “Nagus.” Dottie is now in the shared custody of two doll owners known as “Incred” and “Camp,” who met online, discovered they live only nineteen miles apart, and combined their doll collection into the basement of Incred’s home in 2007. Taking place over nine consecutive days, my performance was a portrait of Dottie, the two men’s joint custody of her, and their relationship to and through Dottie.
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