The "Feminism? Project"
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Digital Video
5 Minute Excerpt Compilation of 10 Videos

Media Appearance on The "Feminism? Project"

Titles from the Feminism? Project
1.) Feminists People,1:32min
2.) What People Went Through to Get to Where They Are Today, 2:28min.
3.) Not Really, But Kind of a Feminist, 1:23min
4.) Other Things to Do, 1:00min
5.) Women Who Don’t Take No For An Answer: Girls Gone Wild, 3:31min
6.) That’s Deep, 4:23min
7.) Not a Feminist Way of Thinking, Daddy’s Little Girl, 1:28min
8.) That’s Deep: Again, 11:03min
9.) I’ve Never Really Been Into Feminism, 1:43min
10.) Embracing That Part of You That Makes You a Woman, 1:11min

“Starting with sorority sisters and ending with her own mother, Amber Hawk Swanson scripts her ten videos from the Feminism? project from edited interviews with a variety of women. Their original responses to the topic of feminism range from naïve surprise to composed discourse, but become flip one-liners and ironic ramblings when voiced by Hawk Swanson in valley-girl intonation and enacted in provocatively sexual contexts.” Kendra Greene, MoCP
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