"CrossFit + Online Comments"
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February 11, 2012
5 Minute Continuous Excerpt from 3 Hour Performance + Corresponding Video

I received early press for the Amber Doll Project. The project involved my commissioning the production of a life-like sex doll, a RealDoll, made of a PVC skeleton and silicone flesh, in my exact likeness. The first article to profile the Amber Doll Project received a great number of anonymous online comments and was posted on a number of blogs where the amount of comments grew.

My two and a half hour performance, Online Comments (August 2007 - October 2011) featured my reading every comment still online as of October 2011 to a live audience. Misspellings, typos, grammatical errors, duplications etc. were retained from the originals.

My corresponding live performance (three months later) CrossFit + Online Comments featured my reading every comment still online as of February 2011 while completing four workouts inspired by fitness methodology and cult-like online community, CrossFit, of which I am a part. "Online Comments" bridges my Amber Doll Project to my series, Fit, a series of durational performative videos.

Read David Getsy's essay on this performance in Academic Writing (PDF Download): David J. Getsy, "Queer Exercises: Amber Hawk Swanson's Performances of Self-Realization," GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 19.4 (Fall 2013): 465-85.
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