Amber Hawk Swanson 2007-2017 (Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, 2018) included sculptures made through performative processes, as well as photographs, videos, and objects authored by collaborators. Every piece in the exhibition functioned as a portrait of the silicone doll owners with whom the artist collaborates. Many of the works provided a platform for members of that community who—in guarding anonymity surrounding their relationship with dolls or their relationship to a transfemme spectrum—have not previously pursued public avenues of self-representation. The installation also included her series of alchemic performances turning silicone dolls into replicas of captive marine mammals.

The exhibition included Shower Curtain Kiss (2007) from the Amber Doll Project (2005-2011); Amber Doll > TILIKUM (2011); TILIKUM: Berufjörður (2012); Pieces (2011-2017) from All That is Left of You / Everything You Are Now (2012); Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA (2013); LOLITA: Penn Cove (2013 & 2017); Doll Closet (2014); and Dottie (2015-2017).