Amber Hawk Swanson’s last name is “Hawk Swanson.” Citations should read “Hawk Swanson, Amber.” 

This site is not a comprehensive archive of Hawk Swanson’s body of work. Full versions of her major works, Feminism? Project (2005–2006); Amber Doll Project (2005–2011); Amber Doll > TILIKUM (2011); All That is Left of You / Everything You Are Now (2012); Sidore Mark II, Heather > LOLITA (2013); Doll Closet (2014); Pieces (2011–2015); Dollstock / Dollpile (2013–2015); DOTTIE (2015–2017); DOTTIE: The Ride (2017); and DOLLY / PETER (2018) are available via private link upon request. The Harmony Show (begun 2020, produced 2021–present) is available at

Hawk Swanson is available to discuss her research, lesser known projects, and objects of archival interest.

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