From 2013–2017, Amber Hawk Swanson attended an annual event called Dollstock, a gathering of doll husbands and dolls. Dollstock happened in the same hunting lodge in rural Pennsylvania for many years until moving to a large cabin in rural Maryland in 2017. The title of the event refers to the music festival Woodstock as well as stock photography. On the final evening of every Dollstock, doll husbands participate in a ritual titled Dollpile during which dolls are arranged—one at a time—into an elaborately staged and sensual pile. It is sometimes the case that desires to be the material of silicone or desires to dress in the clothing purchased for dolls come up in conversation during preparations for Dollpile.

Photographs by Renato Velarde and Amber Hawk Swanson

Timelapse recorded by doll husband Jesse. Faces blurred to maintain anonymity.